J&B Homes, LTD. Co.

Why J&B Homes

Committed to Building Better Homes


Remember the old saying, "a product is only as good as the material it's built with," - or something like that? Well, we believe this to true in our business.  Although so much of the successful building of a home is attributed to hands-on work, the use of proven building materials are equally as important.  This is why we build with materials that are time-tested, but are also updated for the modern world.  Through our partnerships with companies like 84 Lumber, James Hardie Siding, and many other national and worldwide brands, we are able to build our homes with the most trusted of building materials.  It might cost us a little more on the front end, but we know the added expense is justified by the longevity of our homes.  


Even with advances in modern technology and the automation of so many traditionally human-accomplished tasks, home building still relies heavily on the work of physical people.  A single home can require tens of thousands of nails, hundreds of thousands of linear feet of lumber, and miles of electrical wire - just in one home! All these materials and many more must merge together at the hands of humans to create a quality build home. In fact, even the highest quality building materials will not stand the test of time without proper installation and construction practices. For this reason, we focus on workmanship in every home we build. Focusing on workmanship does not just mean using experienced and skilled subcontractors, it also means close oversight to insure that every facet of our homes are built to high standards of construction guidelines and quality.  Our focus on workmanship means our homes are built to last, and that's why we are in business - to build quality homes that last.     

Upgrades Come Standard

We've rethought the way builders have traditionally outfitted their homes - instead of offering a "bare-bones" home in which every feature is considered an upgrade, we decided that day had come and gone. Our homes come standard with granite countertops (3 cm thick...not the thin stuff), fully tiled master bathrooms, fully tiled master showers with glass doors (not those old plastic doors), decorative cabinets thought out, under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, and even USB charging outlets (everyone has to charge their devices these days). These are just a few of our standard features that set us apart from the industry standard.  While some consider our standard features to be upgrades, we consider them to be modern day, common sense, basic no-brainers that homebuyers expect at no additional charge.